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DOWNLOAD : Eddie Cumana – Chain Reaction (Episode 01)

This continuous DJ mix contains various artists on various labels. This podcast series is my more commercial prime time sound. I hope you all enjoy this first episode!

Alex Acosta Presents : Tribalia (The Podcast)

Drums, Drums and more Drums! However, this is not your typical “Tribal Set”. In here I decided to take you on a journey of different tribal flavors: giving you a little Iberican Drums, a little Classic Tribal, some Tech Tribe, etc… if you’ve heard me live before, then you know what I’m talking about! And as usual, this is a compilation of tracks of what I’ve been playing and getting great acceptance from everyone!.

Alex Acosta – SONAR (EP)

Alex Acosta’s latest release “SONAR” EP – featuring 3 Original tracks, plus a bonus remix of SONAR – OUT now on KULT Records!