Alex Acosta

International DJ/Producer Alex Acosta, has been taking over the hottest events with his powerful and very energetic tribal house signature sound. From America to Asia … more

Alex Cohen

Twisted Dee

Eddie Cumana

Eddie Cumana has over 20 years of experience in the music business. Eddie’s sound is thunderous, progressive and driving! …. more

Dani Toro

Igor Magalhaes

At just 32 years of age with a current 4-year career span, Igor Magalhaes has been able to gain the experience of a veteran DJ who combines mastery…

VButterfly La Mariposa

VButterfly La Mariposa’s sexy music, high energy DJ sets and powerful performances have packed the underground dance floors in each corner of the globe

Nathan Ashby

Russ Cartwright

DJ Russ Cartwright