Igor Magalhaes

At just 32 years of age with a current 4-year career span, Igor Magalhaes has been able to gain the experience of a veteran DJ who combines mastery, advanced technique in pick-ups and versatility in the choice of repertoire.

Igor constructs his work after carefully analyzing the public’s reaction to each presentation, always on the eye out for new trends, and performing research during various travels. Magalhaes monitors trends and experiments with new styles of music to further enhance his work, without losing the versatility that made him famous across dance floors in his native country Brazil. With his ability to hear refined music, good experience, an open mind to new sounds, he presents high quality music, perfect sets based on house music and its variations: Electro and Progressive.

With exceptional approval of his audience at all the events he has currently performed, Magalhaes is increasingly asked to spin in important national clubs and parties as Bubu, Megga, Vegas, Sonique, Flexx, Sogo, Cartel, Mokai and Cantho in Sao Paulo, San Sebastian (Salvador), Black Box and Bar Code in Curitiba; Up (Joinville), Disel (Goiânia), Jivago (Florianópolis), Dled (Camburiu) and Move (Vitoria) besides renowned label parties.

Followed by current national success he began his international career in 2011, with performances in the United States: Club Nocturnal, Mova in Miami, Jungle in Atlanta; Mexico: Babel Club in Guadalajara where he obtained a huge success with his repertoire, mixing, and charisma.

Igor has gone beyond his work as a DJ and recently set up his own production studio where he studies daily new alternatives for great live crowds, and improving techniques of music production.

Igor skills with electronic music and his ability to thrill the crowd on the slopes with lively and well-constructed sets receive immediate recognition, bringing a guaranteed success with his presence at events!

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