New Element Tribe is a gateway for undiscovered and already-established extraordinary talent of high artistic merit and their music to be promoted, managed, branded, and booked. For the undiscovered, it offers a chance at the ‘big break’ into the entertainment industry.
We are dedicated to the evolution of Progressive and Tribal House Music as a pure, but ever-changing, art form. Keeping with the original artistic expression of House Music, we strive to discover, promote and book internationally known greats in the industry who practice these genre and those burgeoning new talents (nationally in the U.S. and beyond) to foster creation of New Elements of Tribal and Progressive House Music. In cosmological theory, an infinite variety of new elements may be created from existing ones.  Timeless and in harmony with our musical universe, this is the mission quest of New Element Tribe and New Element Records. “Are you ready to enter the Temple?”